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CISO as a Service

It’s crucial for companies, regardless of their size, to establish a robust cybersecurity strategy. This involves developing a clear vision and strategic approach that aligns with the organization’s objectives concerning workload, workforce, and geographical considerations, including adherence to relevant regulations and compliance standards.  Any company that does not have a dedicated CISO should consider CISO as a service to mimic the benefits of a senior-level security member. A CISO-as-a-Service is tasked with developing and maintaining an efficient cybersecurity program aimed at safeguarding sensitive

data. This involves managing and reducing risks, overseeing documentation and compliance efforts, and providing periodic employee training sessions to ensure compliance.

CISO as a service is a customized security solution based on your business structure, what you’re marketing, and what you offer to your customers.  The business must establish how the CISO will strategically leverage cybersecurity to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of cyber warfare. This includes devising strategies to manage and evaluate vulnerabilities, threats, and risk intelligence effectively. Many companies do not budget for cybersecurity and hope that they are never the company that is breached. Hope is not a strategy.  That’s why it is crucial to get up to date cyber security practices and principles put in place with the help of CISO as a service.


 The role of a CISO as a service professional involves helping the existing team to manage the company’s cyber security program. In some companies, there may be an appointed individual who manages the task of cyber security. This individual might be inundated with other responsibilities that they aren’t able to devote the necessary time to individually maintain the cyber security program. Another scenario may be that the individuals assigned to the task could use some assistance to validate that the business is fully secure against cybercrime. A little or complete help from CISO as a service goes a long way and can move your cyber security protection to the next level.


  • Understanding the business environment and offering customized cyber security plan0073
    • Application security (SASE/SSE)
    • Cloud security
    • Network security
    • Device security
    • Identity management
    • Testing 
    • Layered framework security
    • Incident response management
    • Regulation & Compliances
    • Risk Management
    • Vulnerability Management
    • Policies
    • Compliance with Industry Standards
  • Working with key personnel within the organization to put together an excellent cyber security program
  • Providing a great customer experience and safeguarding customer data
  • Providing reports and ongoing cyber security monitoring


  • A cyber security risk assessment
  • Cyber security strategy for the long term
  • A cyber security plan and program
  • Develop a Vulnerability and Risk Management
  • A governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) program
  • Managing internal personnel and third-party risk management
  • Cyber awareness training programs

Already have a CISO? Let RB Advisory be a mentor with our hybrid services.

Gain access to not just one, but to a team of experienced and qualified data protection practitioners, each with their own area of expertise in addressing privacy and compliance risk, with Data Privacy regulation within the US/EU.  Prior experience managing the processing and data protection activities of clinical and other respect Healthcare/Patient personally identifiable information.


  • Advising on challenging SARs, conducting data protection impact assessments (DPIAs), managing personal data breaches, improving information security, developing awareness presentations​
  • Provides you with expert practical advice, guidance, and support, as and when needed​
  • Ensures there is no ‘conflict of interest’ between the DPO and other business activities. Serve as a security advisor to leadership and the board.​
  • Provides a practical and cost-effective solution to achieving compliance with the GPPR, HIPAA and the Data Privacy Regulation in different states.​
  • Ensures you can respond confidently to requests and comply with the latest regulatory and legal developments.  Providing expertise to respond to questions/queries,​
  • Working with client internal Security, Compliance, and Legal teams to provide assurance and oversight of  customer data processing activities are meeting the regulatory requirements governing the processing of  Customer Data.

With the rise of cyber-attacks and data breaches, the importance of having adequate cybersecurity has never been higher. By using CISO as a service, companies can gain the same expertise and competence of an in-house CISO without the high cost and training required by a high-level CISO. This helps businesses to achieve a high level of security and protect themselves from future cybersecurity dilemmas.